What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a simple and effective form of exfoliation. It is considered a mechanical or physical exfoliation using crystals to remove the outer layer of dead or damaged skin cells revealing a more youthful skin. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment designed to improve the overall texture, tone and clarity.


How does microdermabrasion work?

This type of exfoliation is performed by gently sandblasting the skin with a high pressure flow of ultra fine inert aluminum oxide crystals designed to remove the outer most layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum) followed with a vacuum suction action that removes the crystals. While the crystals are performing the exfoliation, the vacuum suction action taking place is equally important because it is stimulating the lower layers of the skin combining skin exfoliation with regenerating suction; this unique system stimulates subdermal activities that "renew" the anti-aging mechanisms of the skin that slows with age. Microdermabrasion is recommended in a series; the results are cumulative and improve with each treatment.


How many treatments are needed? Microdermabrasion is a progressive treatment, not aggressive. Although one microdermabrasion will yield a fresher, smoother looking skin, generally results are realized after the fourth, fifth or sixth treatment. Average treatment protocol is 4-12 treatments.


How many treatments might be necessary will depend on the condition of the skin and the needs of the client. Initially treatments can be performed every 10-14 days apart. Once the series of treatments is completed it is recommended that monthly maintenance continue in order to maintain the desired result.


What type of skin can benefit?

  • All skin types and skin colors can benefit from microdermabrasion treatments.

  • Aging

  • Congested

  • Flaky

  • Dry

  • Devitalized

  • Thickened

  • Blemished

  • Dull sun damaged; skin will be rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • Blotchiness,

  • Uneven skin tones and texture will be improved.


Microdermabrasion will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, chicken pox scars, brown/age spots, fine-lined wrinkles (Rhytides), hyperkeratosis (overgrowth of the horny layer), enlarge pores, and other skin imperfections.



  • No down time

  • Non-invasive Immediate results Suitable for most skin types/skin colors Minimal risk/side effects



  • Retextures skin surface Indirectly

  • Stimulates collagen fibroblast

  • Aids in enhancing cellular mitosis

  • Stimulates lymph and blood {Areas treated} Face, Neck and Chest Shoulders and Back Hands and Arms Elbows and Knees


{Treatable skin conditions}

  • Dehydrated/dull skin

  • Fine lines/aging skin

  • Acne (Non-inflamed)/acne scarring

  • Photo-aged skin/hyperpigmentation

  • PIH - post inflammatory hyperpigmentation


{Contraindications} Avoid active acne: Grade III and IV Accutane users (should be off for minimum of 8 months) Sunburn Rosacea-advanced stages: Stage III Cancer/skin cancer Untreated diabetes Vitiligo Raised moles, warts, skin tags Keloid scarring Eczema/psorasis: No open lesions {Precautions}

  • Pregnancy

  • Skin sensitivity

  • Herpes simplexes (cold sores) have them take medication pre and post procedure.

  • Vitamin A derivative prescribed topical medications

  • Contact wearer Under the care of a physician





Skin For LIfe Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a wonderful treatment to clarify, smooth, and even skin complexions. This non invasive technique gently removes dry dead skin cells to uncover a beautiful healthy glow. This is a perfect single performance treatment to refresh and renew the skin’s appearance or may be an add on with other performance services.


Professional Results ~ Ideally for the best optimal results, microdermabrasion treatments are performed every 14 days.

4 - 6 treatments are recommended, and thereafter a “once a month” visit is recommended to sustain beautiful skin results. Professional Benefits ~ • Mature + Sun damaged Skins • Acne Scarring • Pigmented Discolorations + Sun Spots • Fine Lines + Wrinkles • Enlarged + Congested Follicles

~$95~ 60 Min


Treatment Includes


  • Skin Analysis

  • Cleanse

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Post Mask

  • Treatment Serum

  • Moisturizer

  • SPF




Luma Esthetics Offers 3 Types of Microdermabrasion:



HIGH PURITY 99.6% - result of a special washing process to reduce soda and metallic iron content.

RELIABILITY: FEPA standards guarantee tightly graded powders and lot-to-lot consistency. The exfoliation treatment will be consistent, visit to visit.

DUST FREE: Through a controlled milling and sizing process, ultrafine particles have been removed from DLA crystals to reduce the quantity of air-borne particles generated during the treatment. 



Diamond Tips gives you the capability of crystal free microdermabrasion.


Organic Grain

100% Walnut Shells! Gives you the ability to polish and smooth a variety of skin types... results are amazing for ethnic skin types too!

Buffing organic grains are softer and their shape is rounder than aluminum oxide crystals. They exfoliate by buffing or polishing the skin.

Organic grains can be used in place of aluminum oxide or follow the aluminum oxide as a gentle finishing treatment to smooth and polish after a crystals microdermabrasion session.

They offer an alternative to crystals. The organic grains help give the skin a beautiful, smooth, healthy, uniform glow.